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Bexhill Chamber Commitee

Bexhill Chamber of Commerce & Tourism is run by it’s members for it's members.   We are here to help business and tourism in Bexhill.  We need the membership of Bexhill businesses or businesses based elsewhere but who want to do business in Bexhill.

We hold regular networking breakfasts, evening events and are constantly in touch via email with our members with up to date information about business or Bexhill.  We also have an email service where we send out members offers and promotions to fellow members.  We have no political affiliation, we are totally independent.

Naturally, we work with other organisations locally, county wide and nationally.  We are here to help and promote business in Bexhill and to promote the town of Bexhill as a place to visit for the day, stay for a while or as a place to live.  This year we have put our funding into sponsoring events in Bexhill, visitors to the town spend money and many of these visitors return and often move here - that way we can all benefit.

Our Executive Committee carry out the day to day running of the Chamber, we are all local business people who understand the needs of Bexhill business. Between us we have many years experience of trading in this area.  We attend many meetings on behalf of our members this allows us to make our members feelings known to the organisations that make decisions.

Annual membership only costs £55 a year.    We have member to member discounts, you could save a lot of money! Once you have joined your membership card will entitle you to discounts from other members.  

Networking Breakfasts

Just email us info@bexhillchamber.co.uk with your booking including contact details:  Name, Business, Tel no, email address.and we will confirm your booking and send you an invoice

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce and Tourism it only costs £55 per annum. info@bexhillchamber.co.uk.

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