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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce and Tourism it only costs £55 per annum.   info@bexhillchamber.co.uk.

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 Why not be part of the Chamber of Commerce in Bexhill. Cost £55 per year.

Why your membership is important to us- To help us to carry on our work of regenerating Bexhill, making the town a better place for businesses, residents and visitors.

Your services or goods will be promoted, our Communications Officer is frequently asked for suppliers from people who either are members or from non members. This service is ongoing and members are often unaware that they are being promoted in this way.

All members have a free entry on this website.

All members can take advantage of our member to member discount scheme, this scheme can save you a lot of money.

All members can email us with Events, Special Offers and Discounts and we will send the details out to all members - a great way of promoting your business.

All members receive a 10% discount off their advert in the official town guide that is not only available for visitors but is also delivered to most households in Bexhill. We also host networking events. Membership is not just for those working within the town centre, many of our members are from Little Common/Sidley or even out of town and many work from home offices. You do not have to be based in Bexhill but you must be actively doing business in the town. The Public frequently contact the Chamber for advice on services available in the town, who stocks what etc. Naturally, we only promote and recommend our Members.

We can help you with advice and, if appropriate, support should you have a Planning dispute, disputes with your commercial rates, or advice on other business matters.

Much of the Chamber effort is behind the scenes we have an Executive Committee, these 12 members work very hard on behalf of businesses in the town. In 2012 we used our funding and resources into installing a Motoring Heritage Trail on the Seafront and Bexhill Museum. This year we are putting our funding into major events in Bexhill. Our President has frequent meetings with Rother District Council where we can let them know the views of our members.

Our Executive Committee Members belong to committees where they can influence future decisions and put forward the viewpoint of our members. We are frequently asked by various local government organisations for the views of our membership. If you would be interested in joining our Executive Committee please let us know – we welcome new views and opinions to our committee.

Groups and Organisations where we have a representative include: ACES (Associated Chambers of East Sussex), Bexhill Town Team, Bexhill in Bloom, 1066 Country Marketing.

  • If you would like your viewpoint to be heard.
  • If you would like to make a contribution to the town in which you do business - join us